19 March 2008

I've been meaning to start this up. The fantasy writer Lawrence Watt-Evans posts regular (daily) progress reports for works in progress. It is a way of tracking goal progress, which motivates some. Others, experts in dissertation writing, have noted that making public ones progress goals can also help motivate forward progress (and if I was a good Academic, I'd have a cite for that). So, while I modify LWE's format

Work In Progress: Project Relstring

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 19 Mar 08

Last actual wordage added: --

Words added 19 Mar 08: --

Current word count: --

Estimated final word count: Need to target journal/conference

Deadline: Depends on target. Earliest is 9 May 08

Comments: I've finished creating non-weighted features for my dataset. I needed to use a batch process to update the database, something I should probably do automatically. Also learned about enabling user web pages on a Red Hat box.

Tomorrow: Minimum, I need to add the weighted features and weighted average-features that include all runs. Research RedHat upgrade procedures.

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