Friends: Not quite enough for a sitcom

To the right, I have made a pathetic start at a blogroll. To begin with, we have friends that have weblogs. By way of introduction, the first blog, Slumberland, is by Wendi Dunlap-Simpson, an ex-roommate who has had an surprisingly large impact on my career choices. Immediacy is operated by Glen Engel-Cox, a DC-area writer who maintains the AlexLit neighborhood lists. Dan C. is the smart and sensitive husband of a friend that I met, very awkwardly, from a fanlist. Finally, "Dodo" is an undergrad at the University of Iowa who is goading me into adding comments. She runs several blogs, but Pure-Essence.Net seems to offer a good mix of the personal and the technical.

I'll probably be adding more to that list as I find other of my friends, old and new, on-line.


Spalding Grey

I guess I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Spalding Grey was one of the first truly cool things that my new cool friends in college introduced me to. Swimming to Cambodia was for me, the perfect moment. He didn't seem hip, he didn't seem trendy, he was just a guy sitting behind a desk who thought he had a story, with maybe a few digressions, that you just might find interesting.