PR: 21 March 2008

First slippage, which seems odd considering that I haven't built up a long term plan for the project. Hmm. Something to add to the To-Do list.

Work In Progress: Project Relstring

Last time looked at: 20 Mar 08

Last actual wordage added: --

Words added 21 Mar 08: 523

Current word count: 523

Estimated final word count: Need to target journal/conference

Deadline: Depends on target. Earliest is 9 May 08

Comments: Ignored RedHat, except to make a decision on which upgrade approach to take. I did organize my conception of upcoming tasks in my mindmap. This will help with time allocation for short-term planning. The 523 words come from the design "document" that I put together for my Top-K Difference Analyzer. This was a greater level of detail than I've been putting into my designs for grad school coding projects, and it forced me to think through errors in my conception of the project. On the down-side, I didn't get the design done on the randomizer.

Tomorrow: I've added the long-range plan to the mindmap, it is in the general mix of things to get done. I need to read this article by Abraham Bookstein that was recommended to me by Paul Thompson. Off project, I'll be trying to get the randomization test design done.

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