20 March 2008

Not such a bad day. Didn't get going as early as I'd hoped. So, working late again.

Work In Progress: Project Relstring

Last time looked at: 20 Mar 08

Last actual wordage added: --

Words added 20 Mar 08: --

Current word count: --

Estimated final word count: Need to target journal/conference

Deadline: Depends on target. Earliest is 9 May 08

Comments: Started research on RedHat upgrades, and e-mailed my advisor with two different options. I've got two (three?) boxes that I need to take from Fedora Core 6 up to Fedora 8. I got the coding written to implement the features. Each script consists of 100 updates. The last time I ran one of these scripts, it only seemed to take a few hours. The current one looks like it will take a bit longer than that.

Tomorrow: I need to put together a to-do list. I've used FreeMind to put together broad task-type categories, and then put a branch in each of those categories for each project. While I'm at it, I should have the design and framework for generating distance features for my project. I'll be looking at the measures described in Fagin, et al. Off project, I'll be looking to put together the code framework for implementing a randomization test as an alternative to the Wilcoxon signed rank tests that I've been using. The idea is that I can reuse that code for implementing other tests.

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