Speaking of misogyny

My friend Elly returned from a recent trip to the UK. In appreciation for our invading her house and enjoying her superior cable package, err, keeping an eye on her cat, she has gifted my wife and I with an assortment of purportedly British foods. Okay, I can buy the Ginger "biscuits". The pate, well, that seems more, well, European. But the "Yorkie" chocolate bar. Or maybe that should be a Yorkie "chocolate" bar given the EU chocolate labelling spats.

So, it's not for girls. I haven't been able to figure that one out. Of course, there's also a warning on the side: Do not feed to birds! Now, I'm rather terrified of this thing. Is this the Nestles equivalent of suet? Maybe the actual chocolate content is so low that we can, however, feed it to dogs.

A chocolate bar marketed to the readers of Maxim. I would never have believed it until confronted with the evidence by my own eyes.

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