An animal uglier than the geoduck

Cerebus has come to its end. Wow. Like many commenters, I gave up on it in the middle of the "Guys" story. As it happens, budgetary reasons caused a massive pruning in my regular comic book purchases, and, when it came time to evaluate the little gray guy, the misogyny and the tedium over-weighed the innovative storytelling. I haven't been bothered to pressure the surprisingly responsive local library to carry the phone books. Now that it's over, I find myself oddly curious about how it ended up, tempered by reports scattered around the web that it just doesn't get any better.

So, what did I get from reading Cerebus? I learned to look at Oscar Wilde in a different manner. I learned to appreciate the personal struggle in creating your own work. Cerebus challenged, but ultimately did not change, my thinking about my own personal philosophies. At one point, Dave Sim did a real service by showcasing the work of other self-published comic authors in his own book. From this, I later checked out Bone. And finally, Cerebus taught me to cut my losses: there was no need to keep throwing $3 every month on a purchase that had shown itself to be increasingly dull and irritating.

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