10 Songs

Oh goody! A blogland metoo craze. Immediate Glen has passed this one along: Set your entire MP3 collection to random, list the first 10 songs played. This is supposed to say something about me. Yeah, right.

  1. Space, "Growler" (from Spiders)

  2. Massive Attack, "Group Four" (from Mezzanine)

  3. Michelle Shocked, "Anchorage" (from Short Sharp Shocked)

  4. Kylie Minogue, "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (ten years ago, if you told me that I would ever listen willingly to this woman ...)

  5. Scott Joplin, "Maple Leaf Rag" (our wedding recessional)

  6. Negativland, "U2" (from U2)

  7. New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars, "Chromatic Freylech" (from Manichalfwitz)

  8. Brak, "I'm a Cucumber" (from The Brak Album: Starring Brak)

  9. Chemical Brothers, "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (from Surrender)

  10. Brave Combo, "Do Something Different" (from A Night on Earth)

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