Friends: Not quite enough for a sitcom

To the right, I have made a pathetic start at a blogroll. To begin with, we have friends that have weblogs. By way of introduction, the first blog, Slumberland, is by Wendi Dunlap-Simpson, an ex-roommate who has had an surprisingly large impact on my career choices. Immediacy is operated by Glen Engel-Cox, a DC-area writer who maintains the AlexLit neighborhood lists. Dan C. is the smart and sensitive husband of a friend that I met, very awkwardly, from a fanlist. Finally, "Dodo" is an undergrad at the University of Iowa who is goading me into adding comments. She runs several blogs, but Pure-Essence.Net seems to offer a good mix of the personal and the technical.

I'll probably be adding more to that list as I find other of my friends, old and new, on-line.

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