Caucusing. Older.

This time, four years ago, about the time I started the blog, the caucuses were around the corner, and we were caught up in all things Dean! Dean! Dean!

Four years doesn't seem that long ago. The blog posts are more scattered, and this year, I am one of those most loathed of attention whores, the undecided caucus voter. But, I did get to meet a couple more local characters. Fortunately for me, I guess, the University has purchased up almost all the empty space in the downtown mall, so the presence of campaign offices have been less of a distraction for me. If they had all set up in one place, so I could window shop the candidates, I wonder if I would have fallen in love with one of them like I did last time.

Candidates seen:
* Obama, Edwards, Clinton
Candidate met:
* Dodd

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