Rearranging the Furniture

This summer is supposed to be a summer of high productivity. And it is an improvement over summers where I have literally done nothing in the first couple of weeks as I recover from the end of the semester. But, besides my advisor, who really can't act as my conscience, I need to enforce that I get things done, and that I do more of them than I am currently doing.

I also really need to get in the groove of writing, even if it is for a few minutes each day. One option is to write these postings on the bus and then post them when I get home. Okay, that is too depressingly geeky.

So, this will be sort of a progress blog, and, yes, I will be doing this here, on unfashionable blogspot, because, if it is good enough for Atrios, it is good enough for me.

My fun reading is Hy Bender's Sandman Companion, which is very compulsive reading, despite the fact that it has been years since I've read a Sandman book. It inspired me to pull out Dream Country, though.

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