Progress today was close to nil: I've been trying to set up version control for my work because I'm finding that I definitely want the ability to revert to previous versions of my code.

So, I already have Tortoise CVS, and WinCVS installed on my system, and I may eventually revert to those, but my development environment of choice is jEdit - partially because my computer could barely handle Eclipse when it was doing well. But those clients, as far as I can tell, don't actually play with jEdit, and I don't know if my access to old repositories would work.

So now I'm trying to figure out how to set up a repository, which may be difficult without a Linux box that I have appropriate permissions on, and get GruntSpud to work with it. And I'm pretty sure I can actually hear my poor laptop grunting as I struggle with it.

I think I've found a bike that I'll be getting.

Oh, and I kind of like the new Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero. It's scary, as if they've finally done vanilla correctly in its current soda incarnation. Either that, or I've been inured after tasting Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Diet Coke, and Vanilla Diet Pepsi.


Dante said...

Welcome back to the blog world. Glad to see you write.

We just bought bikes too, using our tax refund. One of the minor perks that come with tax deducatble medical bills, I suppose. Always look for the bright side.


Brian said...

Oh yeah, that is some chunk of medical bills if you're getting to deduct that. Ahh.