Dubya the Raffle

Lynne Perella artwork, part of Prize 1 from the Dante Raffle
In a depressing turn of events, it now appears that personal fundraising to fill the insane gaps in our nation's healthcare system just get more common. Or maybe I'm getting older and I know more people getting sick. The Crusie fans have set up an auction to assist a comrade who is fighting breast cancer. I'm behind on my mailing-list e-mail, but I gather cancer treatment medicine is undercovered by her family insurance.

Closer to home, good friend, children's author, teacher, and Green Party candidate for Congress, Dante Salvatierra has a raffle set up in his honor. He is recovering from the removal of a rather sizable brain tumor, dubbed "Dubya" for fighting inspiration (as in, "Must Destroy Dubya!"). Again, the schoolteacher's insurance package leaves a large gap in coverage, here labeled co-payment. There are 20 different prize lots (slow page load), lots of beautiful art and art supplies. The tickets are $4, and are on sale through 5 May.

I get the feeling that we're going to see a lot more of these fundraisers before some sanity gets knocked into our health care system.

Original Mary Engelbreit artwork, Prize 20 from the Dante Raffle

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