Base Ball in St. Louis

I just finished ten days in Missouri helping Sharon with some of her research. It was a pretty enjoyable trip, though we only have one laptop, and it is getting to the point where I really don't like to leave my own machine. I don't want to litter her machine with my stuff, and it's kind of a drag trying to remember to move over all of my work.

Still, our first hotel room had a neat view of the Old US Courthouse where Dred Scott's case made a stop on its way up to the Supreme Court. Behind it, you can see the stadium where the Mariners will lose yet another series later this summer.  Posted by Hello We also made a trip out to Jefferson City, so I got to see the Missouri capital.

Since this was an educational trip, here are some things that I learned:

  • Hotels with free breakfasts are more likely to have free broadband. I also learned that I'm capable of making irrational choices in order to continue to have access to the broadband.

  • traveling BBQ festivals have not gotten any better over the last few years. Especially if they are run by Clear Channel. And food prices at these things have gotten very confusing.

  • Historical re-enactment now has a athletic twist with the creation of Vintage Base Ball teams. This looks like fun.

  • For some reason, there is no marker at Fourth and Market commemorating Mollie Fitzgerald's saloon, where female "beerjerkers" were regularly arrested during the late 1860s for having bad reps and serving beers, despite their possession of the requisite licenses.


    litlnemo said...

    Did you stay at a Drury Hotel? When we were in the Midwest last year we discovered that they had free broadband and were inexpensive as well, and so we stayed at Drurys every chance we got.

    So did you actually see a Cards game? Jason and I saw a good one last summer, then the Cards/Cubs in Chicago the following day (the 4th of July! What could be better?).

    Regarding the Vintage base ballists, you should read this book.

    litlnemo said...

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that if you ever get to Kansas City, there is a Drury Hotel with a view of Kauffman Stadium. Free broadband and you can see the fireworks at the ballpark even if you're not at the game!

    Brian said...

    Actually, the Drury Inn was where I thought there should be an historical marker to Fitzgerald (who is one of Sharon's subjects). Instead there is some fusty tribute to Lewis and Clark (yadda yadda) and a marker pointing out that the Drury Inn was built out of the old Fur Exchange Building, which apparently provided extra household revenue to amateur trappers during the depression.

    We hotwired all of our hotels, so we didn't have much say. If we could have got a deal on Drurys, I would have been all for it. Maybe next time.