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In the good old days when Kevin Drum wasn't getting paid for his blogging, he would tantalize his regular readers with images of cats. Fortunately, I don't have a digital camera, or I would feel obliged to paste images of Milo all over this blog. Maybe a picture of him being carried away by the vicious geohawk.

So, with a lack of my own images, I thought I'd just take the opportunity to comment on a couple of links. The New York Times informs us that we've been showing undue fondness towards these things for far longer than we originally thought. Yes, the cat person vs. dog person conflict predates the Egyptians.

And then, there's our fantasy cats. A few years ago, I inflicted on myself Rejar and Mine to Take, parts 2 and 3 of Dara Joy's insanely bad "Matrix of Destiny" series of science-fiction/romance novels. The books feature a race of alien hunks, The Familiars, who, besides being fabulous lovers, also shape-change into animals that resemble largish domestic housecats. I thought that these books sold pretty well because they achieved a small bit of notoriety in the romance world, and Joy has written several books outside of this series.

But apparently Madame Joy must now resort to self-publishing the next installment. This is a huge mistake, because we now know what these alien hunks look like in the author's eye. Yes, she did her own cover art. I actually approve, because, frankly, when the space alien hero of a romance novel is pictured on the cover, he usually looks distressingly human. Or as human as a romance novel cover model can be. So this is kind of refreshing.


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