Rally Tally

As I commented before, in Iowa City, the campaign offices are pretty close together. And the first local hires seemed to be students (or recent grads) taking the same political science courses. So, the young staffers seem to be more into the "my rally was bigger than your rally" chatter.

Still, the Dean political veterans that normally appear to be above this stuff seemed pretty proud of the effort when they packed the Main Lounge at the Memorial Union tonight. This is where mid-sized musical acts play, and there were so many people there that they asked the Perfect Storm out-of-state volunteers to step outside so that actual Iowans (and potential caucus-goers) could get in.

The crowd was pretty excited, too. Joan Jett performed and sounded great. We had speeches from Janeane Garofalo, Tom Harkin, and somebody from the SEIU, and then Dean. All in all, there were an alarming number of high-fives. I did get to shake Jett's hand, so I thanked her for her support of Home Alive. She had a sticker for The Gits on her guitar. Oh, tomorrow's the big day, and I'm exhausted.

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